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Expert Instruction

Custom, common sense coaching for beginners to 5.0 skill level players within our simple Four Bases framework.


Open to all. Come and meet new friends while developing your game. Relax it's only pickleball!

Classic Recreational Play

Skill-rated competitive pickleball with elements of fun, social, and no-icing-out etiquette. Practice and compete without losing your smile!

Give 'N Take

Treated the same as tournament play. Full play-to-win, including icing out stronger players, exploiting weaknesses, and overcoming tournament jitters. Leave it all on the court!

Group play mission

We pledge to provide a welcoming atmosphere for all group play sessions. We’ll work tirelessly to provide a social setting, and fun for all, while creating a climate of competition and etiquette.

Stephen Iandoli

Executive Director of Group Play and Promotion

Stephen’s passion for pickleball picked up in 2020 when he founded The Midtown Pickleball Club to connect core players with the appropriate competition in a fun, social, setting. MPC players (men and women) won nearly 40 medals in 2021. It’s that experience of matching the right players with the right competition that has him so excited for all the different group play options offered at the New England Pickleball Club. 

A multiple-medal winning tournament player, Stephen is also a certified instructor. When not playing, or organizing group pickleball play, Stephen leads students in various Comm/Jour courses on college campuses in MA. 

Stephen received his BA from Villanova University, MS from Boston University and had a 20+ year career in broadcast/print journalism, covering some of the biggest stories in the nation. Many friends joke that Stephen’s days revolve around pickleball, dinner and his rescue dog, Mia. Simple things bring the most pleasure. Good vibes only.

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Group Play organizers are determined to put players in the right position to benefit from the balance of their skill level and appropriate competition.

We are committed to offering events for all skill levels. 

The best part? You don’t need to organize your group. Sign up, individually, and we’ll place you in the appropriate grouping. 

We have only one demand…that anybody entering group play has high expectations of having fun!

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