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$ 12 hr/guest private booking
& group play fees for doubles
  • Book Court 3 days in advance (subject to change).
  • Access classes and lessons at the academy.

Blue Member

  • Book Court 10 days in advance.
  • Book Practice Court for $5/30min.
  • $10 off all Four Bases Academy classes and coach & plays.

Blue Member**

  • All features in Blue Membership included.
  • Annual price includes two people (how to buy: signup separately when you buy your blue partners membership in CourtReserve, your accounts will be linked after registration).


  • All features in Blue Membership included.
  • $0 Practice Court fee.

Twosomes Court Pricing

TypeMember Rate ($/hr)Non-Member Rate ($/hr)
Doubles gameYour membership doubles rate$12 / per player
Twosomes Discounted (booked within 24 hours)Your membership doubles rate$12 / per player
Twosomes Standard (booked more than 24 hours in advance)2x your member doubles rate$24 / per player
Dave’s Recommendations for Twosomes Working on Their Doubles Game:

  • Why book a twosome? Your favorite club events or your preferred private foursome aren’t available.
  • How to spend the time? Drill (core skills, your weaknesses, new shots) and skinny singles. Drills PDF here + see skinny singles video below.


  • All Players At The Club Will Be Required To Have A Signed Liability Waiver On File, Which Will Be Signed Through The CourtReserve Software Prior To Playing.  A Copy Of NEPC’s Liability Waiver Is Viewable Here.
  • Teaching professionals not on NEPC payroll are not allowed to book private courts for teaching.
  • Members: By purchasing a membership, you agree to the club’s membership agreement. 
  • Some Court Booking Restrictions Apply To Facilitate Fair Use Of Courts Across The Membership (See FAQ Page For Details).

  • Guests Added To Reservations Will Be Billed To The Player Reserving The Court Unless Billing Adjustments Are Made At The Front Desk.


* Example: suppose all 4 blue members have a $8/hr rate, The Cumulative court price per hour is $32 (each member pays his/her own rate).

* Listed court booking price May not apply to league and tournament Play.

Cancellations within 24 Hours of your scheduled Private Booking, event, class, lesson or clinic will result in a fee of 50% of total costs.  No show and failure to cancel before your start time will result in a fee of 100% of total costs.


** Must be partners living in the same household.


Cancellations Within 24 Hours Of Your Scheduled Academy Class or Lesson will Result In A Fee Of 50% Of Total Costs.  No Show And Failure To Cancel Your Scheduled, Class or Lesson Will Result In A Fee Of 100% Of Total Costs.  Burgundy members no-showing will result in a $5 per court hour fee, and, burgundy member court cancelations within 24 hours of your booking will result in a $2.50 per court hour fee.