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The beauty of our game, and what makes Pickleball so attractive to vast audiences, is that play is available for all levels and the fun starts from the first time you say: “The Kitchen! What the heck is the Kitchen?”

Pickleball draws on skills from tennis, table tennis, racquetball and other paddle sports. Yet, pickleball is unique with tactics and new shots not seen in other sports, and previous racquet skills are not a requirement. It has an instant attraction for beginners: no complicated technique is required to achieve fun points almost immediately!


The greater appeal comes when a beginner rises to intermediate or higher. It’s simply a matter of commitment, targeted coaching, consistent practice, meeting new playing friends and enjoying the journey. Commit to that and before long you will find yourself mastering the subtleties of our fabulous game.

You’ll learn paddle selection, the best grip choice for you, building reliable technique for each shot type, power vs soft game, beating the bangers, shot selection, discovering your best play style and so much more. For those who advance far, it’s the “fourth base” (point construction in the kitchen) that separates the ‘best from the rest.’ Simply observe advanced and pro-tournament players at the club to see proof.  Join our academy to start cooking in the kitchen.

The Big Question: Where to Begin?

Sift through hundreds of video tips on YouTube?  Try clinics with dozens of players? Pickleball is a new, emerging sport: amateur players, coaches, and even the top tour pros are still figuring out what’s right and what’s wrong! How do you know the advice you’re getting is correct at all, or, how do you know it’s the advice that your game needs right now?

The Answer: Four Bases Pickleball Academy


Our approach is to lead you on a journey to reach your personal goals that’s…

New England Pickleball Club in Rye, NH is the home of Four Bases Pickleball Academy!

Come visit us to experience custom coaching that focuses on understanding your game to figure out what you need, through hitting with you to test your technique and skill with different shots, as well as evaluating you in live play… customized coaching within a common sense framework is the reason Four Bases Pickleball Academy exists!

Who is Four Bases Pickleball Academy for?​ You!!!

True beginners all the way up to 5.0 tournament players: check out what our classes and instructors offer below, or contact us: we’d love to help you figure out where to start.

We’ll also have our top recommended paddles at the club available to demo and purchase.  Tennis/court shoes are required to play at NEPClub!

See you in the kitchen!

Professional Instructors (additional hand-picked pros to be added soon!)


New England Pickleball Club Owner, Four Bases Academy Director, and Head Teaching Professional

Competition Background

After playing first pro match against Ben Johns as the bottom seed, progressed up the seedings over a few years playing men’s and mixed doubles, reached the #27 ranked pickleballer in the world (based on DUPR’s summer 2021 rankings which analyzed pro tour results from the previous few years).


Coaching Approach 

Style: helping players find the technique that works for their unique grip/style/game; highly customized coaching & showing players what to prioritize via private lessons, playing lessons, and video coaching.

Strengths: Kitchen-line volley defense for beginners intermediate and advanced players, helping 3.5-4.0 achieve 4.5 skill level, helping 4.5 players achieve 5.0 skill level,  skinny singles with 4.0-5.0 players, on-ramping new players into the game, kitchen play for 4.0-5.0 players, soft game for 3.5+ players, serving “yips”, tournament preparation and tournament strategy for intermediate and advanced players.


Teaching Background

  • 5+ years teaching all over the San Francisco Bay Area and New England, teaching all levels from true beginners all the way up to 5.0 national-level tournament players.
  • Got into teaching pickleball to 1) be an innovator and leader in defining how this new sport will be taught for decades to come, and, 2) provide customized teaching to contrast a lot of the non-customized teaching that is common in the sport.
  • Original teaching background in piano & golf.

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