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New England Pickleball Club donated $10 to GatherNH for each new member signup prior to opening its August 2022, totaling $3,000. The Pandemic has pushed the need for resources like those provided by Gather to unprecedented highs and NEPC is honored by the opportunity to help. Pre-pandemic, Gather helped feed about 2000 members. At peak, the Pandemic pushed those stats to nearly 7000 members, and the “new baseline” is 5000 members. Remote learning during the Pandemic increases Gather’s demand as students are unable to benefit from breakfasts and lunches served at school. Gather has about 200 volunteers trying to ensure this daunting task is accomplished. NEPC is making its $10 per new member contribution and encouraging additional donations directly on Gather’s website, with the goal of ensuring that none of our neighbors have to worry about feeding themselves or their families. We can also stop by to make food or other ( paper towels, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and toilet paper) donations in person. Want to know more about GATHER or donate on your own?